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Dr. Francis Crinella, clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of California-Irvine, has described how the soybean plant lifts up manganese in the soil and concentrates it so that its use in soy-based infant formula can result in as many as 200 times the level found in natural breast milk, thus overloading an infant's body. New research suggests that high concentrations of manganese found in soybean-based baby formula can lead to brain damage in infants and altered behaviors in adolescents. Newborn infants exposed to high levels of manganese may be predisposed to neurological problems.

The experts are asking very important question these days about soy. Why deprive the newborn infants of perfectly good breast milk — a nutritionally superior food in every way for the baby and feed them soy beans which have serious adverse hormonal effects as well as causing many other health problems? Without a doubt, soy formula is one of the worst food that could possibly be fed to both infants or children.

So, now that the beans have been sPilled about soy formulas, milk might appear as a better alternative. Unfortunately that is not the case. Since commercial milk is super-laden wit antibiotics, bovine growth hormones and a whole host of allergic and indigestible ingredients, it also poses many health problems for the developing infant. The best solution is to learn to make truly safe, beneficial and nutritious inf. formulas.

One of the best sources to understand the specific nutritional needs of an infant and appropriate infant formula recipes is the excellent book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. The following formulas are recommended by Sally Fallon.



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