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One of the vital jobs of the immune system is to identify cells that are 'non-self, that is, cells which have mutated into pre-cancerous cells and no longer match the surrounding tissue or cells, cells which have been damaged in some way and need repair, or have to be disposed of. The immune system is well equipped to do this under normal circumstances, but there are times when it does not work effectively, for a variety of reasons.

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you take antibiotics more than twice a year? 1 point
  • Have you done excessive exercise in the recent past?

(More than one hour a day of cardiovascular exercise) 1 point

  • Do you suffer from frequent colds or infections and find them hard to shake off? 2points
  • Do you suffer from any allergy-related problems such as hay fever, asthma, migraines, eczema, dermatitis, or reactions to any drugs or chemicals? 2 points
  • Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities? 2 points
  • Have you had a major personal loss in the last year or so? 2 points

(Death, divorce, financial problems, etc.)

  • Is there a history of cancer in your family? 2 points
  • Do you suffer from poor wound healing? 3 points
  • Have you recently undergone any medical treatment, such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy (all of which have an immuno-suppressive effect)? 5 points
  • Do you have a diagnosis of breast cancer, either oestrogen receptor positive or non-oestrogen receptor positive? 5 points



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